Thursday, January 6, 2011

Areca 1880 Firmware v1.49 improves speed in Web Management, Solaris 11

I just applied the 1.49 firmware update for my Areca 1880, and the speed difference for user interface interaction is noticeable.

You'll have to download it from their Taiwan FTP site, which is listed on their support page.

The web console is now quite snappy, where before it was painful. In Solaris 11 Express, I'm able to list my 26+ drives without delay, where before it would take 5-10 seconds to give me a full drive inventory, which was leading to some serious delays in zpool status commands.

When applying your update via the web console, make sure to apply all 4 files individually. It's not smart, it won't ask for the other files, but it does need them if you want to be fully updated across the board.

I ran a set of iometer tests before and after my upgrade, and I can't detect any change in drive speed, just user interface speed.

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