Sunday, January 10, 2010

ConnectWise - Taking the Plunge

Okay, after a little more than a year on CommitCRM as our main CRM/PSA package, I've taken the plunge and bought ConnectWise.

CW was never really considered when I was looking at CommitCRM and other packages last year - it was just too much (My current 4 user license with my features that I want is $15k USD). CommitCRM was just $3k, and it did everything that I needed last year.

CommitCRM is still a great little package - but that's just it - it's a little package. It will continue to grow as it's developed, but I need more (like project management) and I need it now, so it's time to switch.

I was considering TigerPaw for a while, and almost bought - but CW has more abilities that I needed - and you pay for them. TigerPaw was cheaper by nearly half.

In the end, the ability to work efficiently is worth more to me than holding on to the $$. We can make so much more if we have focused and properly utilized staff.

It's taking some getting used to - CommitCRM is a small, tight, well written program. It doesn't require much in the way of power to run, and it's client auto-installs when you run - All very easy.

ConnectWise is the exact opposite - It's a full Microsoft .NET development program - Requiring full MS SQL server, a dedicated Windows server, and the client runs via a .NET install (means you better have some workstation power).

I added a $14k Dell server to my CW cost, so I'm now up to nearly $30k for this package. You need a honking dedicated server, because they won't let you run it on anything else.

I'll write more about ConnectWise as I learn - I'm still in the initial training and getting used to the program - It's very complex, and it's taken me nearly a week to get to the stage where I can dribble out an invoice or two.


  1. did you end of looking at level platforms anymore? or did you select a different platform? just wanted to hear your thoughts there.

  2. It's still on the radar - Time is the enemy here, and most of my time has been spend learnign ConnectWise.

    There's lots that still pisses me off about CW, but when it works, it's a really great thing.

    As with everything, I'm sure I'd be happiest with a blend of features from the major players, but you can't get that unless you make your own software, now can you? :-)

  3. Tell me more !

    I am ready to pull the trigger as well. My CommitCRM has been good...but, I want more. Things like iphone integration and customer portals will make the, do you think the switch has been worthwhile. Were you able to transfer any histories ?


  4. What a small world...

    Hey Christopher...I am Chris from Halifax,NS.

    I am running CommitCRM as well and wanting to make the switch over to CW.

    Can you shoot me an email I would really love to chat.

    chris at


  5. Hmm, I'd seriously consider other options before jumping in with CW again - It's a bit of a money pit. I'll track you down for a phone call...

  6. I chose the following tough path ... ServiceCEO, Connectwise, Autotask, now Tigerpaw in the past five years. Best yet IMHO and the feature set large and with the redesign in V11 its finally a clear choice for my business. If you want to take this offline you may reach me at csteele(at)biztexmail(dot)net

  7. Guys there is another option you may want to consider and that would be Autotask. We are a fully hosted PSA application with over 3000 small to medium sized IT companies using are solution. Our base cost is $55/user per month with no hardware, updtaes,or maintence costs. If you would like more information I would be happy to provide you with it. Feel free to email me at